COVID-19 – Departmental Roles

Updated 8th October 2020: All of New Zealand is at Alert Level 1. Please follow the protocols for Alert Level 1 including contact tracing and if workers are sick or have symptoms of cold or flu, it is important they stay home and get health advice.

ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety Protocols including Level 1/2/3 Alert Level information ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety Protocols 

Updated 25th August 2020 Auckland region remains at Alert Level 3This Alert Level will remain in place until 11:59pm on Sunday 30 August. The Auckland region will then move to Alert Level 2, with additional gathering restrictions, at 11:59pm on Sunday 30 August. This will remain in place until at least Sunday 6 September 2020. Overview of restrictions in Auckland.

The rest of New Zealand remains at Alert Level 2.
This will remain in place until at least Sunday 6 September 2020. 

Additional Updates:

  • FACE COVERINGS WILL BE MANDATORY ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT: From 11.59pm on 30 August New Zealanders will have to wear a mask or face covering on buses, trains, ferries, planes, taxis and Ubers
  • REGIONAL TRAVEL: After 30 August, the Auckland checkpoints will go, and inter-regional travel will be possible again
  • GATHERINGS RESTRICTIONS IN AUCKLAND: At Alert Level 2 in Auckland gatherings will continue to be limited to 10 people. Funerals and tangihana will be limited to 50 people, and have to meet other conditions set by the Ministry of Health. Outside Auckland, gatherings such as church services and social events will continue to be limited to 100 people

Download further updated Level 3 guidance here 17 August 2020

Departmental Role Guidelines: Level 2 and 3 updated 19th August 2020

Below are the guidelines for the ScreenSafe Health and Safety COVID-19 Toolkit – Department Roles. These guidelines are a best practice guide and have been created to support each department with their Health and Safety planning and to share with crew. These are intended to start each person and department thinking about how they will individually operate to fulfil the Standards and Protocols as set out in main H&S documents.

For those of you with smaller crews: Small crew guidelines Level 2 or Small crew guidelines Level 3

Assistant Directors Level 2

Assistant Directors Level 3

Art Level 2

Art Level 3

Camera & Video Level 2

Camera & Video Level 3

Casting Level 2

Casting Level 3

Catering Level 2

Catering Level 3

Costume Level 2

Costume Level 3

Directors Level 2

Directors Level 3

Grips Level 2

Grips Level 3

Lighting Level 2

Lighting Level 3

Locations Level 2

Locations Level 3

Make-Up Level 2

Make-Up Level 3

Post Production Level 2

Post Production Level 3

Production Level 2

Production Level 3

Safety Level 2

Safety Level 3

Script Supervisor Level 2

Script Supervisor Level 3

Sound Level 2

Sound Level 3

SPFX Level 2

SPFX Level 3

Stunts Level 2

Stunts Level 3

Suppliers Level 2

Suppliers Level 3

Transport Level 2

Transport Level 3

Unit & Craft Services Level 2

Unit & Craft Services Level 3

A special thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and expertise to the creation of these department roles.

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