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ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety – UPDATES

New Zealand’s transition to the COVID-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System), from 11:59PM Thursday, 2 December 2021:

  • RED: Northland, Auckland, Taupō and Rotorua Lakes Districts, Kawerau, Whakatane, Ōpōtiki Districts, Gisborne District, Wairoa District, Rangitikei, Whanganui and Ruapehu Districts.
  • ORANGERest of North Island, and All of South Island

More information about Life at RED HERE including specific details for Businesses and Workplaces

More information about Life at ORANGE HERE including specific details for Businesses and Workplaces

Additional information:

  • Levels will be reviewed again on Monday, 17 January 2022
  • Criteria to establish the levels in each area include vaccination numbers, capacity of the health and disability system, covid transmission, cases, and the impact of the virus on vulnerable populations.
  • Aucklanders can now meet with friends and family inside, however, unvaccinated people have additional restrictions on the numbers who can gather.

See here for the full guidance

Alert level 2 information here.

Alert level 3 information here.

Alert level 4 information here.

Review of ScreenSafe COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols – Updated 5th October 2021

Overview of changes here.

ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety Protocols including Level 1/2/3 Alert Level information ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety Protocols

Further crew information sheet here

Surveillance Testing information sheet here

Here is the link for the ScreenSafe Location Recce Guidance at Higher Alert Levels

ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety Protocols including Level 2/3 Alert Level information now available here

Please see the latest updates at and details of current alert level.

It is now mandatory for any business or service to display the QR code for the tracing app at all entry points. Download your posters here

Below is a list of services, suppliers, apps, forms and posters to be used on your production. These are to provide guidance for safe practice on set.


ScreenSafe Sanitising Services.pdf

ScreenSafe Sanitising Suppliers.pdf

ScreenSafe Apps.pdf


ScreenSafe COVID-19 Sign-In Register – PDF

Managers Checklist – PDF (updated 5th October 2021)

Department Bubbles

Alert Levels (updated 5th October 2021)

Production, Department, Location and Crew Bubbles Overview.pdf (updated 5th October 2021)


ScreenSafe COVID-19 Toolbox Talk

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Personal Health Flowchart

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Stop Spread

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Wash Hands – V

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Wash Hands – H

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Face Mask (updated 5th October 2021)

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Gloves

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Transport

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Protect (updated 5th October 2021)

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Protect – Isolate (updated 5th October 2021)

ScreenSafe COVID-19 – Returning home from work

ScreenSafe COVID-19 Suspected Cases


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ScreenSafe is not a hotline for specific Health & Safety issues or concerns, please direct these to your Health & Safety representative or WorkSafe

For more information about any of the initiatives ScreenSafe is working on please speak to your relevant Guild representative or contact

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