Support – How to Get Help

Getting the right support at the right times can make a big difference. Support services can help you work out what has happened, understand your response, offer space to think about what you would like to do and support you with your next steps.

This page is intended to help you find out about the support services that are available. It covers support services for:

  1. People who have experienced sexual harassment
  2. Support people, friends, colleagues, and family
  3. People who have done harm or been accused of harm
  4. Businesses/PCBUs who would like to do prevention or who are dealing with an incident

If the first support service you call is not what you are looking for, please do try again or get some support from someone you trust to help you find one that feels right.

If sexual assault has just happened or if someone is currently in danger, please call the Police on 111.

Downloadable support options:

Support options if you have experienced Sexual Harassment

External Resolution Options

Survivors Support Services

Support Services for people who have done harm or been accused and their support people

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